Saturday, April 18, 2009


Steppling Gallery, SDSU-IV Campus

Featuring works by artists from Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Arizona, Imperial Valley and Mexicali, MX.

Participating Artists

Pablo CastaƱeda
Manuel Cruz
Jennifer Cuellar
Manuel Cuen
Jorge Estrada
Emmanuel Ferraes
Mayra Garcia
Tom Gilbertson
Elisa Guerrero G.
Robi Guillen
Fred Guzman
Minerva Torres-Guzman
Carol Hegarty
Juan Hernandez
Stephanie Marin-Lepe
Elizabeth M Lopez
Bernardo Olmedo
Miguel Ayala Priego
Juan Quintero
Irene Sanchez
Eddie Shiffer
Nancy Trujillo
Ramon Garcia Vasquez
Angelica VillaseƱor

Bi-national Art Show: Immigration, Borders and Identity
The border and immigration is an issue that does not seem to directly affect the lives of many Americans in an immediate significant way. They may picture illegal immigrants from the evening news. At most, maybe they felt uncomfortable making eye contact with the day laborers that wait for work at the Home Depot in places outside the Imperial Valley. Those day laborers are from another place, another culture and that place and culture only affects most people in the United States peripherally. The only borders many Americans experience in their day to day lives are based on differences in culture and social class.
This exhibition features artworks by artists from both sides of the international American/Mexican border. The border is a real tangible thing that has shaped aspects of everyday life for many if not all of the artists showing. A unique culture has developed along the border and the artists presenting and their artworks are products of that unique culture.
In conjunction with the Dream Act symposium this exhibition aims to create a dialogue about the realities of people for whom the border directly affects in a real significant way.

Fred Guzman

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